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Are you in love enough?

It reminds me of my first love at that time ...
A magical item that makes your everyday life more exciting.

《 Japanese accessories that make love come true♡ 》
Only one in the world! ︎ New accessories of [Fashion x Japanese material] that make your heart squeaky, colorful and fashionable.

《 Rare! ︎ Beauty designer x Kanazawa traditional crafts 》
Kanazawa handmade accessories made of “Gold Leaf” and “Mizuhiki” which are traditional crafts of Kanazawa, Japan.

The designer is also hair stylists, kimono dressers, personal colorists, and nail stylists, using the skills for making the accessories.

《 "A magical item" that connects people 》
Mizuhiki has been a lucky charm that has the meaning of "connecting people" since ancient times.
Gold is also a power item that has been said to improve the flow of luck such as [love luck] and [health luck] since ancient times.

《 Plus the sensibility of the historic Kaga Hyakumangoku 》
“Bloom beauty bar Kanazawa Accessories” has a beauty salon and accessory shop & atelier near the historic site “Samurai House - Nomuraya” in Kanazawa, Japan.

《 Topic now! ︎ Hot eyes from the media and overseas 》
It has been highly evaluated not only in Japan but also overseas, and is now on sale mainly in major countries! ︎

【 Bloom beauty bar 】
10Minute Walk Building 1F 2-5-4 Nagamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0865 Japan
【 Bloom beauty bar Kanazawa Accessory 】
Concorde Building 1F 2-5-4 Nagamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0865 Japan

《 TEL 》 076-201-8809
《 MAIL 》bloombeautybar.kanazawa@gmail.com
《 OPEN 》10:00-18:00
《 CLOSE 》Tuesday / Irregular holiday(There are details on HP)
[ Official HP ]https://bloom-kanazawa.com/

YUKI / Hairdresser・Personal color list・Kimono dresser・Manicurist
[ Bloom beauty bar Kanazawa Accessory Production Representative ]

Although he is a salon worker, he is active in the atelier (next to the tourist attraction "Nagamachi Samurai Residence") with the staff involved as a production representative who mainly produces and designs accessories.

In addition to the design, I would like to carefully deliver the "warmth" that is unique to handmade products.
Thank you in advance♪

Hiroyuki Konishi / Hairdresser
[ Bloom beauty bar & Bloom beauty bar Kanazawa Accessory representative ]

At my salon, customers are beautiful through hair and fashion.
I want to cherish it forever, and at the same time, I am happy to reach many people with the power of beauty unique to Bloom beauty bar through this accessory, even for people in regions and countries who can not come to the store. I hope you will feel like it.
Please enjoy the "taste of thoughtful works and materials" that is unique to handmade products, which is a bit different from ready-made products☆


"I'm worried about buying at the first shop."
"I'm wondering how it actually goes to purchase."

Please see here for those who say‼︎
The flow up to purchase is summarized in a video (about 2 minutes) ☆

Shopping at this shop is very easy♪


You can see how it is actually made.

Each one is carefully handmade while being particular about it.
You will surely find "Accessories of your destiny"!

Please take a look if you have time.