English[ Payment・Delivery・Product Guarantee・Support activities ]

【 Overseas 】 Regarding delivery
We will deliver by REGISTERED AIR Small PACKET(International ePacket) to outside Japan.
(Ships from Kanazawa, Ishikawa)

The shipping fee is US$6.22, which is unified worldwide.
(Converting ¥100 to US$0.96)

Click here to see if it is a deliverable area↓
(International ePacket is included in Air Letter-post items)

※ Tariffs may apply in some countries

Upon receipt of your delivery request, we will ship within 3 business days.

Depending on the region, the number of days you will receive it will vary, or it will take an average of 1 week to 10 days. (4 days at the shortest)

Please see here as a guide↓

☆ Free shipping if your order exceeds JPY 11,000 ☆

【 Gift wrapping 】
We also accept gift wrapping for US$1.44.
If you wish, please check the option "Gift Wrapping" on the purchase screen.
The wrapping bag may differ from the photo depending on the season.

【 Method of payment 】
If you live outside Japan, please use PayPal.

【 Security 】
This site is protected by Google "reCAPTCHA".
In addition, it is equipped with an "SSL server certificate" as standard equipment, and all customer information is encrypted to protect it from "spoofing", "eavesdropping / eavesdropping", "tampering", "spam", "phishing", etc., and provides "safe communication / purchase".

【 Membership Registration 】
If you register as a member, you can "confirm purchase history" and "skip address / payment method input from the next time" from My Page.
☆ If you do not need to register as a member, you can [purchase as a guest] ☆

【 Receipts 】
If necessary, please check [Enclose Receipt] on the purchase screen.

【 Returns 】
We do not accept returns or exchanges.
Thank you for your understanding.
If the product is defective, we will replace it at our expense.
Please contact us from [Inquiry] within 3 days after the item arrives.

【 Product Guarantee 】
While checking the strength so that you can enjoy wearing this accessory for as long as possible, we carefully handcraft each one with all our heart.

However, because it is handmade, it does not have the strength of ready-made products.

We hope that you will take a look at the contents below to understand the points of handling as a handmade work and use it for a long time.

・Since each item is handmade, the shape, size, and color are slightly different from those in the image, making it the only work in the world.

・Accessories may be discolored or damaged by sweat, water, rubbing, etc. It is recommended to remove it frequently when handling water. It may also be discolored by oils such as hand cream. After wearing it, wipe it off with a cloth such as a cloth for eyeglasses to make it clean and long-lasting.

・There is a risk of damage if dropped or excessive external force is applied. Please handle with care.

At our shop, we have a [Product Guarantee], which is rare in the handmade world, so that customers who purchase handmade products can feel more at ease.
In the unlikely event that any of the following items apply, we will replace it with a new one, so please contact us from [Inquiries].

[Product warranty]
・Inquiries within 50 days from the date of purchase
・The product broke or parts came off naturally
※We do not accept cases where the product has been damaged due to dropping or excessive external force.

If all of the above apply, please contact us once by clicking [Inquiry].

【 Part of the sales will be donated to support activities 】
[Bloom beauty bar] is also a hair dressing shop.

And this [Bloom beauty bar Kanazawa Accessory] can now be purchased not only in Japan but also overseas as an accessory developed by beauty multi-designers such as hairdressers, dressers, personal colorists, and nail technicians.

Thanks to everyone.

As a Bloom beauty bar, we are doing "hair donation" considering whether the world can be better.

What is hair donation? [Activities to support hair for children who have problems with their hair due to illness or accidents]

Currently, we are donating a part of the sales of this accessory as support activity expenses such as hair donation mailing at our salon.

We will also take good care of your wonderful feelings.